"Josie Andrade has been my Real Estate Agent for many years and has always exceeded my expectations! She listens and understands your unique situation, whether it’s your first home, an upgrade or the purchase of a rental property. I would never make a move without calling Josie first. She will walk the neighborhood and talk to the neighbors in addition to checking all the comps to get the best deal for her clients...

Additionally, her team is fantastic. She holds them to the same high standards she holds for herself and they deliver!!"

- Dora B.
"Josie Andrade was referred to me by my niece and I’m glad I listened to her. As a new home buyer, I was intimidated by the process and knew I would feel clueless of a lot of things that would come up in buying home. From day 1 when I spoke to Josie Andrade, she put me at ease and explained in detail of the process. Josie & her team were by far phenomenal throughout the whole process and stayed a step ahead of everything. Josie and her team kept the ball rolling at all times and kept me well informed from start to finish. Very professional, very knowledgeable. Josie & her team will go above and beyond to get things done. I never ever heard anyone in her team say “NO” we cannot do that for you or it can’t be done. That was never in their vocabulary. I would highly recommend Josie Andrade & her team 120 %. Don’t think twice about her team Please do me a favor and call her you won’t regret it. Josie Andrade my respects for you. Your AMAZING! Thank you & your team for making our dream come true."

- Jack J.
"I had the pleasure of working with Josie and she and her team are one of the most professional and very knowledgeable teams out there. Josie gets the job done! I love working with agents like this. Thanks, Josie! Hope to work with you again!"

- Anna V.
"Josie is one of the best agents in her field, very hardworking. Not sure where she gets her energy from. Always on the go, if anyone can get the job done, it would her and her team. A pleasure to work with."

- Dora V.
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